Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break To Do's

Spring break has been a great break for all the kiddos since I am letting them each decide what they want to do. So far, we've gone to the movies a bunch of times, gone to the park, ate at their favorite restaurant, gone biking, and ate breakfast for dinner (they love that). Great spring break so far, isn't it?

As for me, I have been doing so much around the house. I have started to organize my garage, ordering some above the garage shelving. I've been staining our house. The before pics look horrible, doesn't it?

6 columns, 1 shutter, and the entire wrap around porch railing is finally stained. I only have 2 more columns and 3 shutters to go. Since I can only work on it an hour or so a day, progress has been rather slow. While the kids are playing outside, I've managed to start building R.'s bed frame.

It's all slowly coming together. So many projects started, but none that I can say are completely finished. My goal is to get all the staining and bed done today. Of course, that will be after spending the day doing what the kids want. It's so hard juggling my to do list and being a mom at the same time, but I'm loving it.

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