Friday, April 15, 2011

New Storage

Remember this?

I wrote about it last summer when I bought them. I was so excited when I read that the wood would never fade (yeah, right) and that I would never have to re-stain. That was truly the ONLY reason why I bought it because I knew I didn't have time to re-stain lawn furniture every year.

I wanted something made from rattan because it up kept well, but I ended up with this which I absolutely regret. Within a couple of months, it fell apart and became this:

Of course, I didn't give up. We repaired and repaired and repaired these trunks until, I found that it just wasn't worth my time anymore. When I saw my rattan trunks on sale at the end of the summer last year, I quickly nabbed up a couple.

I built them this weekend and was just so excited to get rid of our wooden ones.

Beauty to my eyes. They match the rest of my furniture and they are no maintenance. What did I learn? You should always go with your instincts and definitely wait to get what you really want instead of settling just because you see a little red clearance sticker that is too good to pass up.

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