Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Craigslisting again

I hadn't been selling or buying anything off of craigslist for a while. My hubby has been sending me articles about scams, killings, etc. to scare the wits end out of me so that I would think of "saving" my life before saving a few bucks. That made my goal for not spending any out of pocket money on Christmas presents nearly impossible.

Even after watching for deals, going shopping on Black Friday, and clipping coupons, buying all the boys a new game system and games added up. Fortunately, I did keep my yearly goal of not spending any money.

Once again, I found some toys I could sell and started posting. I sold everything I sought out to sell, made a hefty profit and had a wonderful FREE Christmas. Therefore, I am definitely back to craigslisting again, however, I have made some rules for myself when it comes to buying and selling.

1. I always meet in a public place. I used to have people come to my house, but not anymore. I had one incident where the buyer became furious that I wouldn't accept his check (my posting clearly stated cash only). Nothing, but some ranting went on, but it did scare me a bit so now I only meet at a public place during store hours.

2. I don't sell electronics or things that people can complain don't work. Craigslist is about buying "as is." I have had a person buy something from me and then call me up 4 months later saying that it didn't work. I went the lengths as to calling the manufacturer and even offering help. From that point on, those items just went to the donate pile since it really wasn't worth it to me.

3. I always let people know exactly when and where I was going to make the exchange and oftentimes, I will have my husband on the phone with me when I am making the sale. He can hear what is going on and call for help if I am under distress, which I must say has never happened, but better safe than sorry.

I do think that a lot of what I sell (baby stuff and toys) attract women so it's been pretty safe and I am going to keep it that way by following my rules. It doesn't have to be scary if you are safe about it. This is my fourth year of a free Christmas and I plan on keeping it a yearly tradition. Anyone have a bad selling or buying experience?

and because every post is better with a pic

here's E. showing me his reindeer cupcake.

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