Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Do you remember last weeks post on Faux Canvases? Well, I made one last week, made another one over the weekend, and will probably make some more this week because they turned out pretty fantastic. I decided to enlarge some black and white photos of the kids.

The hardest part was deciding upon which photos. Since I had already enlarged some individual pics of the kids, I concentrated on sibling shots. I decided to try the faux canvas on the picture with E. and R (pic on the left). Can you believe that they posed like that on their own? Isn't that just cuteness?

When I picked up the print later that day (technically, it was only an hour before I received a text telling me it was ready for pick up), I fell in love. That night, I ordered another print of E. and I kissing. I simply love how it turned out. I got so many compliments on it at the store when they "unveiled" it to me.

I'm so happy, I've already ordered some more. I thought I would put them in my dining room, but now, I think I am going to place them in my bedroom. Those pictures make me smile every time I look at them so it will be nice to wake up and smile every morning.

The best thing is whenever I order a canvas, I get an email with another $10 coupon! You'll have to choose the option to pay in the store to be able to redeem it. For less than $10, the faux canvas was totally worth it in my book.

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