Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

My new year started with a bit of a dejavu. On December 31, 2007, I was attempting to open a jar of tomato sauce when the jar shattered in my hand, nearly severing my thumb. If you are wondering, my thumb is still intact. See in the picture. Although, it took much effort to get it looking normal again.

Do you see something abnormal though? That's my husband's wedding band. It was cut off by the hospital's ring cutter when, low and behold, my husband nearly severed his ring finger off yesterday. His wedding band sliced his finger to the bone when it got caught on the shower door. He was trying to illustrate some karate move with the kiddos...j/k. He was giving the kids a bath and was hanging up the towel when the ring got caught. I'm sure that will be the excuse for him not to give the kiddos baths anymore.

Sitting in the emergency room, waiting endless hours to be seen (3 hours and 17 minutes to be exact), we realized that we are now sharing an experience. Different finger, different circumstance, but same hand, same outcome, same recovery. Through the pain of it all, we managed to giggle and laugh as we, for the first time during this holiday, had a moment where no one was tugging at our sleeves, wanting a snack, asking for help...we weren't obligated to do a single we talked, played a game of words with friends and enjoyed the time together, despite the horrible circumstance.

This year, I will make a conscience effort to spend more time with Mr. N. There are a lot of other things on my list of resolutions for the year, but this one will make the top of my list. I hope that everyone is having a much safer New Year's than us!

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