Wednesday, January 4, 2012


6 glue sticks, 2 rolls of tape, over a hundred sheets of paper and photos, and 3 weeks time off to create SEVENTY-TWO new scrapbook pages for my kids.

I will say that I made 50 of those pages within the last couple of days. It's crazy. I do not ever want to be that far behind again.

A.'s 3 years old, but I finally finished his first twelve month photo page.

There are some pages that are left undone on purpose. I was finally able to start on E.'s school scrapbook. I hope to fill this page in with all his grade school photos. I do realize there are two pictures that are the same (but I am undecided what size I am going with, hence it is an still in progress page).

All in all, I am ecstatic to be finally up-to-date. So much work, I do not ever want to get that far behind again. However, I must say that my kiddos have gone through their books countless times and so enjoy looking at them. It makes it all worth it. A resolution I have for this year is not to get more than 3 events behind in scrapbooking. We shall see if I keep this resolution.

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