Monday, January 23, 2012

Free and Nearly Free Toys

Right after Black Friday, I was able to score so many free toys using coupons. Most of the time, I was able to make money by putting toys in my cart. It was great because we had such a surplus that I was able to donate nearly everything. We all went and picked out Angels off the tree and the kids got to go "shopping" in my toy closet for kids that were less fortunate.

This year, I plan on stocking up a little bit earlier. Here are my finds this week, which I must say are quite fabulous. Hasbro has a bunch of coupons on their site which make a lot of these toys nearly free.

Kre-o transformers Optimus Prime is $7.99, but use the $8.00 coupon and you get a penny. Hungry Hippos is 4.99, but use the $5.00 coupon and you score another penny. The pictionary game was $5.89, but use the coupon (on to get it down to only 89 cents. The Nerf guns were $9.99, but use the $8.00 coupon and bring it down to $1.99.

I should have spent $51.83 for all these toys, but after coupons, my total was only $4.83. I used my target visa to bring the total down to $4.59. That's basically the tax for the original amount. Since my kids don't need these toys, they will go into my stockpile for next year's toy drive.

I must say there are plenty of other coupons that in combination with this week's sale at Target, will bring the prices down to nearly half like BeyBlades were on sale for only $11.99.

Use the $5 coupon to make it only 6.99. It retails for $15.99 so that's more than half off.

Cookie Monster was also on sale for only $19.99 (at certain Targets). Use the $8 coupon to make it only $11.99. It retails for $24.99 so once again that makes it less than half off.

I'm sure you can also use the Connect Four $3 coupon for the travel game, making it only $1.99. Coupons are great, but when they are used with a sale, it makes the purchase even better. Happy buying!

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