Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inspirational bed

I spent my days off last week with my kids and also redoing J.'s room. He's now a teenager and requested a more mature room. We took everything out of the room to have a fresh start. He had a sleigh bed which was taking up too much space so I decided to get rid of it all together. Anyone want to buy a queen-sized wooden sleigh bed?

He was lacking storage space and since I basically have the PB store catalog memorized, I thought this bed would be perfect for him. What's not so perfect is the nearly $1900 price tag when you add in tax, shipping, and surcharges.

So what does that mean for my budget-friendly room make-over? That means I am contemplating on building another bed. My only problem? I don't have a table saw and seeing how store cuts, even though are wonderfully free to do, are not so perfect and this bed requires pretty perfect cuts to make sure it is square.

Dilemmas dilemmas. So does that mean this is the perfect time to invest in a table saw? Does new project mean new tool?

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