Monday, August 2, 2010

Umbra Wall Flowers

This is what I have been staring at when I wake up in the morning for years now. It's been painted three different colors before becoming this grayish taupe color. I first bought some black frames to go on this wall.

Then, my friend hosted an uppercase living party where I bought this, "living bird in a flower tree" wall sticker to put on this wall.

Still, I was unsure until I looked at the molding in the room and white contrast against the gray wall was perfect so it was my goal to find something white. I searched for some ornate frames that I could paint white, but was unsuccessful.

Then, after some search on the internet, I discovered these white flowers made by umbra. I decided they would be the perfect piece for my wall.

The flowers look like this.

On the back, there is a circle which snaps into a pin you place on the wall.

First, I laid all the flowers on the floor until I was satisfied with the design.

Then I placed the flowers on top of paper

I marked the paper with the location of the flowers.

I taped the paper on the wall.

Then, I used the pin to make an indention into the wall at all the marked locations.

I lifted the paper and pushed the pin all the way into the indented hole I created earlier.

Here is my wall with all the pins.

I next snapped the flowers into the pins.

Voila! I have a wall of flowers.

It makes me so happy to look at them.

The perfect piece for my blank wall.

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