Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Washington D.C.

I am here this week:

Although it has been four years since I have been in D.C., it looks and feels exactly the same. My long work days have been a blessing because the moment I stop working, I simply can't get my family off my mind. Evenings are especially hard.

Tonight, I had dinner here:

I have heard rave reviews about this restaurant and I wanted to check out all the hype. I heard that there is never parking, there is always a wait, but it is all well worth it. It must have been fate because as we pulled up, we got the perfect parking spot without a wait and as we walked in, they handed us a ticket to get seated right away.

I got the filet mignon and I AbSoLuTeLy loved it. It surprisingly was light and finger lick'in delicious. As my family eats all my home cooked meals I prepared for them, I am happy to say, I got at least one good meal on this trip!

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