Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kid's Umbrella

This is A. Isn't he adorable?

I saw this kiwi umbrella at Lowe's last week for only $5.00!

I had my eye on one at Pottery Barn Kids that was marked for $39, but was hesitant because the sale one was pink. I may be a girlie girl, but my boys are true boys. The umbrella I bought is super cute and the price makes it a super buy. The stand was another $5.00, but for the total price of only $10, I get to keep my littlest in the shade while he plays.

In case you are wondering, I got the bucket, shovel and watering can for only 98 cents at Target at their 75% toy clearance sale.

When it's 105 degrees out, it's nice to be in the shade when you aren't completely in the water.

Here A. is pleading for me to stop taking pictures. I just had to share my great bargain find which is probably still going on at Lowe's and Target. Last time I checked, Lowe's had their outdoor furniture marked 50% off and Target had their toys marked 75% off. Hope you are having a great summer!


  1. I was just at Lowe's last night looking at their lighting. I can't believe I missed the outdoor furniture sale. Our umbrella out by the pool blew over weeks ago and broke! Uggghhh! And that thing was soooo heavy too! So alas, we need a new one. Back to Lowe's today! Thanks again for all the heads up on the sales!


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