Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More traveling

I'm in D.C. again this week. This year has been crazy as far as traveling for work. Yesterday morning I had the breakfast of champions:

My choices are limited at 6:00 A.M. My favorite breakfast place at the airport, Einsteins Bros was located at a different terminal so I wasn't too thrilled with my choices at terminal C.

My reading material:

I usually work on my laptop on the plane, but since I couldn't snag an aisle seat and was stuck in the middle, I figured reading a magazine would be the easier choice. I brought one magazine from home. Can you tell which one I subscribe to?

Two weeks ago, when I traveled out here, I got free internet and free breakfast, but I discovered my fellow co-workers got more from their hotel stay. They got bottled water and chocolate everyday. I was told the "11th" floor was the "fancy" floor to be on. When I checked in, I was super surprised to see that oo, lah, lah, I'm on the 11th floor.

Hotel Amenities on the 11th floor:

Fancy bottled water and some chocolate EVERY DAY!

Oh, and I get a robe this time. No pink fuzzy slippers though. Maybe I should put in a request for next time.

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