Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Nook Garden Plans

All my potted plants eventually die and I have no green thumb. I had to google the difference between a perennial and an annual. Despite this, I want to have a flowering garden on my side yard. We had grass, but the bobcats took that with them when they came and dug for our pool so now all that is left is dirt. I was on the better homes and gardens website a couple of years ago and discovered they had free landscaping plans. I kept a copy of the plans and came across it the other day. This is what I want to create.

Isn't it gorgeous? It so peaceful looking. I have the exact bench and I have the side walk so now I just need the shrubs. I love the colors and simplicity of this garden. I am so excited. I just hope that I am able to find the plants at my local nursery. If you are looking for this plan or other free gardening plans, you can start here. They give you the dimensions of the garden as well as a detailed plant list. Now, I just have to find the shrubs, buy them and plant them.

I built a bed from scratch without a table saw. I can surely dig a couple of holes with a shovel that I already have, right?

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