Monday, April 12, 2010

Pool Process - New Slide

It's amazing what can be done with a little complaining and a lot of explaining. We got our new slide basically over night. It isn't perfect just yet so I am going to ask if parts of it can be redone (yes, again). Its a great thing that I have a friend that speaks Spanish because the tiler didn't understand an ounce of English. I usually can get by with my broken Spanish, but it was definitely a no go this time as I hadn't a clue how to say certain construction terms (like, please curve the slide more so my sons don't go flying into the adjacent rocks!). A quick phone call to my friend, a lot of hand gesturing to explain curvature and the matter was taken care of. Seeing it today, it looks a whole lot better and I don't regret for an instant my decision to have it redone.

Before, it looked like this.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but the slide looks like snake skin with its high sheen. I also hate the way the tiles end on the left front end. I hate the way it ends so abruptly and isn't cohesive with the rocks at all.

Now it looks a whole lot better. The color blends in with the rocks and the slide doesn't stand out on it's own like an eye sore. This picture really doesn't do the difference of the two slides justice. I'll have to take a picture in the day time. The tiles in this picture make the slide look blotchy, but it really isn't.

They fixed the left front end to make it more of a "U" shape. Since the tile placement on the right is imperfect (the grout spacing was not even), I am going to ask them to redo it and while they redo it, I am also going to ask if they can create that hump on the right side as they did on the left. This will definitely complete the "U" shape that I want and hopefully make the slide perfect.

Major clean up is expected on today. I cannot wait to see all the trash gone and the grounds level for my plants. I have been anxiously awaiting for my sprinklers to be fixed so that I no longer have to hand water my plants. The project end is near, but it certainly isn't fast enough for me. Perhaps another week and we shall be done!


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