Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pool Process - Tile and Decking

There was a long wait for our tile selection. Our backyard was quiet for over a week, the longest period of no work. After our tile came in, I was surprised to see the finished work in our pool.

I had no problem with the waterline tile. I loved that. It went completely with the stone work and matched the tile inside our home giving a consistent look through out. Do you like our slide? We hate it. I wanted the waterline tile on our slide, but it was recommended to go with a more slick tile. Very reluctantly I agreed. That was my big mistake. I didn't go with my instinct and went with something I wasn't comfortable with. Now what? I am having them rip out the tile and start over with the water line tiles that I selected. It is a very costly mistake and I tried living with the slide tiles, but we just don't like it. Now, there will be another delay as we wait to order new tile.

On the bright side, our decking is close to being done. They first cleared out the space and laid a layer of sand. Next, they placed rebar to reinforce the concrete.

They next laid a layer of concrete, making it flush with the coping and existing deck. They sprinkled aggregate stone over the concrete and smoothed it out. A few hours later, they washed the top layer of concrete off and revealed the aggregate underneath. The finished product is a new deck.

The last step would be to finish the pool, stain the existing deck, and clean up the grounds for landscaping. Unfortunately, we have the set back with redoing the slide. We decided that we disliked it so much it was worth the money and time to have it redone correctly. We would have definitely been finished next week, but now that we have to await for tile, I have no idea when it will be done. Hopefully, it will be soon. We are ready to start and finish landscaping!

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