Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Pool Process - Landscaping

No, the pool isn't done yet. There are more delays. The rainy weekend weather didn't help either. I wanted to plant everything this weekend, but since the sprinklers are still not fixed, we could not plant around the pool. They would just get destroyed when the trenches are dug to lay the sprinkler pipes. We did however, plant some things on our side yard since I am keeping my fingers crossed those sprinklers were not damaged during the pool dig and will not have to be replaced. I just couldn't resist. We started with one tree in the backyard. Our weeping willow.

When we bought it last summer it had 2 branches and no leaves and looky here. It's so adorable now. I call him hairy. As I was planting the surrounding perennials, I was hoping I had a hair clip to tie his hairy leaves out of my way. A. likes to hide behind the branches and I must say so do I. I decided to remove all the grass around Hairy and mulch it all. No more trying to squeeze the lawn mower into this tight spot or having to use the weed wacker.

We managed to plant our fruit trees. I got a lot of head shakes when I mentioned that I wanted fruit trees. We planted several in our old home and we got used to going out and plucking fruit from our trees on a daily basis. I have had no trouble in the past so despite a lot of people saying that is not the kinds of trees they like, I am happy with my decision. We have a plum, peach, and a persimmon tree. After laying out the plants in our back yard, there is room for another couple of trees. My husband wants a nectarine tree and I want another orange/mandarin tree. Our little mandarin tree had so much fruit last year for being so small that I love that tree.

I'll admit, I am not a professional landscaper and it isn't a secret that I have no green thumb. When walking around the nursery, I picked plants that I thought were beautiful, that were hardy in the winter and that I could afford. I think when all is said and done, you could call my backyard landscaping ecclectic. There is a little bit of everything. I had to have my Japanese Maple Tree. I still don't know where I am planting it, but I had to have it because I love the way the leaves look.

Ever since I saw my friend's Hydrangas, I was sold. I have been on the look out for these and they arrived at the nursery this week! Don't they look gorgeous? I hope they don't die on me before I have a chance to plant them.

For a privacy hedge, I plan on planting some azaleas near our decking. I am going to remove the existing dirt and plant them in some peat moss so they get the acidity they need. I'll finish off with some pine bark which they love as well. Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Don't be fooled. I had to google that info.

For around the pool, my husband wanted a tropical feel so we have none other than palm trees. Their palms have seen better days, but hey, you try getting 4 of these 6 foot beauties inside your mini-van and not have a palm or two tear.

I am sure you are asking, palms with fruit trees? What is that going to look like? Well, our fruit trees are on our side yard while the pool will be separated by a wrought iron fence so the spaces are defined and separated. I felt as if it would be okay to have different kinds of plants in different areas to create a different atmosphere depending upon where you are. Hopefully, in the end, it will look all right.

It is possible to fit 4 fruit trees, 4 azaleas pots, 4 kids (3 in car seats) and a trunk of groceries in our Honda Odyssey. If you dare to ask, yes, all our doors were closed, even the trunk. I can't say I love our mini-van since it seems to bring the connotation of me being a soccer mom, but it has definitely transported many things including our refrigerator and couch! It has definitely saved us from renting a u-haul many times.

To finish off the landscaping, we purchased some holly, indian hawthorne, red-tip photenias, various grasses, and perennials. There you have it. Those are our landscaping plans in a nutshell. I hope that everything will look some what cohesive in the end. Keep your fingers crossed. I certainly am.

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