Monday, April 19, 2010

Christening Gowns

When asked what was the best thing I had ever made, my answer will always probably be my boys' Christening gowns. When E. was born, I searched high and low for something simple. Nowadays, Pottery Barn has a line of gowns that I am in love with, but back then that didn't exist and everything I found was satin, shiny and filled with lace and ruffles. For a girl it might not be that bad, but for a boy, it would be horrible.

I liked the gowns that were made way back when. My priest once told me that baptismal gowns were made from wedding dresses. They would take the lining of a wedding dress and reuse them to make gowns for infants. I found that fascinating. The majority of Wedding gowns were lined with very inexpensive fabric.

I didn't cut up my wedding dress, but I did decide to take on the challenge of making E. a Christening gown. My husband wasn't thrilled with the idea that his son would be wearing a dress, but he humored me. I did a little research and found that I was mostly interested in gowns that were designed years and years ago. I drew out a simple gown for E. What I was most scared about were sleeves and zippers. I hadn't quite mastered them. I could get away with buttons instead of zippers, but there was no way I was going to get away with a sleeveless gown. Needless to say, I mastered the sleeve. Here is my very first Christening gown I made.

I wanted it to be soft and non itchy. I bought 1.5 yards of muslin fabric. This gown ended up costing only $3.00 to make and I absolutely love it. E. was seven months at the time.

Eleven months later, yes only 11 months, I had to make another gown. Since R. was going to be baptized when he was less than a week old, there was no way he could fit E.'s gown so I needed to take out my sewing machine again. Instead of duplicating the gown and just making it smaller, I decided to change the gown a tad bit. I added a crotchet lace to the sleeves and changed the bodice design. I love the extra detailing on the sleeves.

When A. was born, I could have technically re-used R.'s gown, but I felt it was only fair that he have his own since his brothers each had their own. Off to the drawing board as I was completely out of ideas. Since A. was being baptized in the spring, I decided to have short sleeves. I used bias tape for extra detailing on the sleeves and bodice. I re-used the crotchet lace on A.'s gown, but only the tip. I love the way it turned out.

It gets harder and harder to keep up with each child, but I am trying my best. If I have spent the time to create and make something for one child, you can pretty much bet that I will do the same for my other children and you can almost be sure that it will be a little different and unique since each child is definitely unique in their own way. When you can't find what you are looking for, try seeing if you can make it yourself. It may be easier than you think. I am not a seamstress, sewing is merely a hobby, but through trial and error, I managed to create something that I was looking for. I hope I inspired you to do the same.

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